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National Certified Board for Behavioral Health Professionals

Our mission is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the United States.

The NCCBHP is a full-service, national third-party organization that offers high quality, psychometrically sound, and legally defensible professional credentialing services in the behavioral health field. This includes a full spectrum of: credential development; certification processing services; exam development and administration; and, professional regulation for credentials offered through the NCBBHP.

The NCBBHP also supports professional certification and regulation needs of state agencies, state organizations, and other stakeholder groups through consultation on planning, developing, and instituting uniform standards and credentials within their state. One of NCBBHP’s core objectives is to promote national standards and reciprocity across states for the credentialed professionals who provide behavioral health services.


Our Team

Our team is led by nationally recognized experts with vast expertise in certification program development, implementation, and administration.  Certification specialists, test development professionals, and workforce experts are available to assist representatives of various professions to develop a new certification or credentialing program.

Neal McGarry
President and CEO
Amy Farrington
Director of Certification
Pamela Waters, MEd, MCAP, CPP
Director of Operations

Our History

The National Certification Board for Behavioral Health Professionals began in 2022 as an expansion of the state and national level credentialing work of the Florida Certification Board (FCB). The FCB is Florida’s premier third-party credentialing organization that protects the health, safety and welfare of Florida’s most vulnerable residents by certifying and regulating the professionals who serve them. It designs, develops and manages programs for over 35 health and human services professions and certifies more than 25,000 professionals.

The FCB’s examination/psychometric services and professional credentialing programs have long been in use by other state agencies and associations, state certification boards, and individual professionals seeking to adhere to national standards for quality care in behavioral health, health, and child welfare services. This demand, coupled with the need to foster reciprocity for the credentialed professionals across states, spurned the creation of the NCBBHP. The NCBBHP fulfills the same role as the FCB in establishing practice standards, administering examinations and credentials, and providing ethics requirements and regulation for each of its certification programs.

Board of Directors

Pam Baston
Pamela Baston, MPA, MCAP, CPP
Kevin Huckshorn
Kevin A. Huckshorn, PhD, MSN, RN, ICADC
Jeffrey Hunter
Jeffery Hunter CPA, CFP®, CSA®, MBA, MPH
Eric Martin
Eric Martin, CADC III, CRM II, CPS
Kathlee Meyers
Kathleen (Kathy) Myers, Ph.D.
Laureen Pagel, Ph.D., MCAP
John Roberts
John Roberts, MSEd
Wilbur Woodis
Wilbur Woodis, MA
Jimmy Yeck Jr
Jimmy Yeck Jr., NCPS