Behavioral Health Professional Certification Overview

Our psychometric services and professional credentialing programs are ideal for State Agencies and Associations; Certification or Licensing Boards; Legislative and other Regulatory Bodies; and Individual Professionals; and other stakeholders focused on quality care for persons in need of behavioral health services. Professional credentialing offers countless benefits.


    • Obtain the use of a national scope of service for behavioral health disciplines in the field of mental health and Substance Used Disorder.
    • Verify competency against measurable standards.
    • Build partnerships across a wide range of stakeholders and provide a consistent method for meeting state objectives for mental health and Substance Used Disorder systems.
    • Access a national Code of Ethics and regulate the Behavioral Health workforce in accordance with the Code.
    • Obtain the use of a National public-access database to verify an individual’s credentialing status/history.
    • Establish reciprocity for the workforce through common certification standards at the different level of practice for the mental health and Substance Used Disorder fields.


    • Elevate the public’s view of your organization’s commitment to behavioral health.
    • Raise confidence among the persons you serve by employing persons who are professional prepared and credentialed.
    • Use nationally standardized competencies for behavioral health professional disciplines to facilitate hiring processes and evaluation of current employees.


    • Demonstrate your commitment to your field as a CERTIFIED behavioral health professional.
    • Increase your job opportunities as a credentialed professional.
    • Promote the transfer of professional credentials from one employer to another that require the same certification standards.

States currently using our services

More states coming soon.