Mr. Wilbur Woodis, MA, Dine’ (Navajo) Mud Clan (Hasht[’ishnii) and born for the Zuni Clan (Naasht’ézhí Dine’é) born and raised in Shiprock, NM located in Northwest New Mexico in the four corners area on the Navajo Reservation. Wilbur earned a Master of Arts Degree – Counseling and Family Studies University of New Mexico, Received: Outstanding Achievement Award, College of Education.

Wilbur assists the Indian Health Service Director as the Senior Policy Analyst for External Affairs. In this role Wilbur leads and promotes inter-agency and intra-agency working relationships with HHS Operating and non-HHS external entities (universities, foundations, private sector) that address major health disparities for the American Indian and Alaska Native Communities. Wilbur maintains and promotes interagency and intra-agency working agreements and relationships to support the mission of the Indian Health Service. This includes serving as a lead liaison and lead coordinator for External Affairs, as well as establishing alliances, identifying key decision-makers and influential stakeholders.

Mr. Woodis has also been a direct service provider, coach, project officer or active consultant on many national initiatives covering such topics as Domestic Violence, Suicide, Head Start, Men’s Wellness, Gathering Of Native Americans, Indigenous Psychology treatment approaches, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Wellness Drug Courts, Community Health Interventions, Veterans Health and other behavioral health related topics.